Laughing Spirits

Laughing Spirits When the spirit laughs.......the heart is filled with joy.................................

Laughing Spirits invites you to enjoy the art works of Janice M. Smith. I have lived my entire lifetime in the high desert of New Mexico.  I am continuously surrounded by the larger than life landscapes and the phenominal colors of the mountains and desert. Our clear blue skies are the topic of many a poet and songwriter. The wonders of nature’s beauty have given me the vision to produce a continuing collection of works for over 35 years. At this time I am combining the many styles and media that I have worked with during those years. My work is best described as layered colors and textures. My years as a weaver left me with a sense of texture and a knack for combining colors to make patterns and to expand the color range of a few threads of color. I also spent many years producing serigraphs that were layers of opaque color built up to produce textured images. The pieces I am doing now are a more dimensional endeavor. Their depth does not always show through a photograph.
The pieces I am offering for sale range from originals of a medium size to smaller limited production pieces. Each is acrylic painting on wood layered together with fired ceramic and bronze wire and some with copper sheet as well. Each piece is painted-no giclee or reproductions-there are brushstrokes in the finished product. The clay is textured and no two are ever alike. In the production pieces I strive for consistency but not repetition. Some of the larger originals are done on canvas. The smaller works were designed to interlock into whatever pattern a customer might need and the purchase of several pieces is often less expensive than buying one large painting. The shipping costs are better for these pieces too. So we both win.